Main Task - PLEAD

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Our group Blog is now closed and our project is finished!

Michael Cassidy (3140)
Daniel Sheldon (3720)
Adam Romo (3675)

Audience Feedback!

After screening our film, we asked the audience to fill out a questionnaire so we could get feedback for our evaluations, and here's a sample!

Group 5 Sample Audience Feedback

The Screening

So we could get audience feedback on our sequence we had a screening which we created questionaires for to see the responses, what type of audiece we had attracted and find out what sort of film our opening sequence was introducing. We treated this screening like a film premier:

To promote our screening we designed a poster and placed them in strategic places round the school to ensure we advertised to the core target audience of 16+ girls, such as the sixth form common room and study area.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Editing Schedule

This was a schedule that we put together for the weeks we were editing. We incorporated all sessions we were going to edit, possible shoots, and the week we were away in Swanage on a field trip. It was also a way for us to communicate with our teachers as to when we wanted to come in.
We filled in each week on the monday, so we knew what we were doing that week. We also filled in all our free periods so we knew what time we were available.

Editing Schedule

Shot Log

The Shot Logs were the exact time codes of each take that we captured from the tapes before we began the editing process. We used them as a reference if we needed to recapture any shots, and as a record for the ones we had so we could check it against the shot list.
It was also a way for us to determine what shots needed reshooting.

Shot Log

Contract for Us (the students)

We, and our parents, had to sign a contract agreeing to the terms of the Media Department, in which we promised to look after all the equipment, behave on set and follow the rules they had put in place.

Media Student Contracts

Equipment Release Form

This was a form that listed every piece of equipment that we borrowed from the school. It was effectively a contract that we individually signed, holding us responsible for anything that happened to the equipment, and us agreeing to bring it all back on time on the Monday after the shoot.

Equipment Release Form